Some software I have developed or co-developed

Department of Health and Social Security Policy Tools, Logica, Cambridge and London, 1984-1987

Lucerne Pest Management Expert System, NSW Department of Agriculture, Tamworth, 1988.

Toulmin's Argument Schema Explanation Tool, Liverpool University, 1997

Northern Territory Department of Mines Information System, Ersis/Mapinfo, 1998-2002

Encounter Software Product, Ersis/Mapinfo, 1998-2002

Open Gis Consortium Software, Ersis/Mapinfo, 1998-2002

Northern Territory Atlas, Department of Lands and Planning, Darwin. Ersis/Mapinfo, 1998-2002

Survey Information System for Queensland Transport and Main Roads, Ersis/Mapinfo and Exa-Min, 1998-2004

Military Planning Assistant, Exa-Min, 2002-2004.

LUPTAI Transport Accessibility Model, Queensland Transport and Main Roads, Brisbane, 2007-2012.

.NET and ESRI Component Library for LUPTAI, Queensland Transport and Main Roads, Brisbane, 2007-2012

Contributed to ESRI Open Source Projects, 2010-2012